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Here you’ll find a wealth of advice on public speaking and presenting, covering topics from to how to build your confidence to how to engage your audience. Some are from me and others are from other experts I trust.

1 August

How To Reuse a Presentation Over & Over Again

We always remember that brilliant presentation we once delivered - especially if we accomplished our goal and call to action and enjoyed delivering it. Like with everything in life and business we don’t always get it right or feel extremely happy with the result every time.  But that needn’t be the case. You can actually …

31 January

Take Your Speech For A Walk – Heather Waring

You’re just starting to gather together the content for your speech so you can make your mark on that blank page. Perhaps you’ve written a draft and are at the editing stage so that it can have more flow and impact. Or maybe it’s written and you want to get really comfortable with your delivery. …

2 January

Eight reasons why Public Speaking is actually good for you and your health – by Hanieh Vidmar

When we’re feeling a little under the weather or need a vitamin boost, some of us head for supplements and natural remedies to give us that little pick-me-up. I like to look at public speaking as a natural pick-me-up that can do wonders for so many parts of our lives.  Please allow me to share …

2 August

How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep If You’ve Got To Be Your Best The Next Day – by Rachel McGuinness

The prospect of having to give a presentation can put the fear of God into most of us and getting good quality sleep the night before can be a challenge if you’re not prepared.  Make sure you have gone through and practised your presentation during the day and have got an outline of your notes …

1 August

Step Up To Speaking – by Paula Gardner

In my long experience working with business owners and professionals who want to raise their profile, there are two things that really help them get noticed. The first is to write a book, and move into that circle of people who actually got off their arses (well, perhaps not literally) and write the damn thing. …