Eight reasons why Public Speaking is good for you

Episode 003 I'm a firm believer that Public Speaking is good for us - good for our business, for our lives, self-development - even our health. In a time where video is a huge part of the internet and presentations a predominant part of business, its important to master this skill and allow it to …

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Interview with HRH Princess of Luxembourg, Tessy Antony

Episode 002 I've met a lot of people during my time as a speaker, TV Presenter and Reporter. Meeting Tessy was by far one of my most memorable moments - one I will never forget. Her energy, her enthusiasm and her grace is contagious. She lit up the entire building when she walked in and …

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Interview with Marketing Strategist & Keynote Speaker, Dorie Clark

Episode 001  In this episode, I speak to Dorie Clark. If you don't know who she is, I highly recommend you put her on your list of people to follow! She's an incredible achiever and a do-er and she's someone you want on your team if you're launching a business, creating a new brand, planning …

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