Interview with Productivity and Wellness Coach, Jo Dodds

Interview with Productivity and Wellness Coach, Jo Dodds

Episode 011.

Productivity – something we all wish we could master! I for one wish I could handle business, motherhood, fitness and relaxing all in the space of 24 hours but seeing as life is life, sometimes I have to cancel me-time!

After speaking to Jo, I learned ways to take care of myself more, how to be more productive and learned ways to handle the day better.

Jo is a speaker and coach specialising in productivity and wellbeing. I never really thought that productivity and wellbeing go hand in hand but Jo explains how it does and why it's so important!

If like me you have a full on day, juggling various projects, running a business, taking care of family amongst other things, then listen to Jo share ways in which we can master the day and handle our time better.

The book Jo recommends is The Power of When by Michael Breus.

The apps Jo uses are:,,,,,

To find out more about Jo or to work with her, visit her website  

Happy listening!

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