Interview with non-verbal communication expert, Rachel Cossar

Interview with non-verbal communication expert, Rachel Cossar

Episode 14

Following Joe Navarros recommendation and introduction, I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with someone who had a business concept. Former ballet dancer Rachel Cossar is an embodiment expert with a unique background in nonverbal performance.

For 15 years, she trained and competed as a Rhythmic Gymnast on the Canadian National Team. Through this, she joined the Boston Ballet and performed lead roles in front of audiences at the Boston Opera House and for global audiences.

Rachel is the founder of Choreography for Business. She helps clients embody confidence and competence in the workplace and clients receive focused and expert attention to details in common postures and body language.

Rachel is a non verbal communication expert and she’s an expert in posture and presence. These skills are super important in business, being on the stage, dealing with others, being in meetings, networking, standing out in a crowded worlds amongst other situations. 

It was an absolute honour to be speaking to Rachel for my podcast and to have her share her tips and advice on how we can stand out correctly.

For more information about Rachel, click the following links: Rachels InstagramRachels Twitter and Rachels Website. 

Happy listening.

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