Interview with Human Behaviour expert, Mark Bowden

Interview with Human Behaviour expert, Mark Bowden

Episode 13

Mark was voted #1 in the worlds top 30 body language professionals for two years running so I knew if I wanted more insight and knowledge from the world of body language and human behaviour, Mark would be able to help me. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Mark for my podcast.

Mark shares his tips, advice and knowledge on how to use body language to excel, behave and gain.

As a speaker, business owner, and of course, a human, I rely on body language to make certain decisions and help me through various projects. After speaking with Mark, I've learned some new techniques and tips in order to utilise when making decisions with certain people.

Mark explains how we can use body language to our advantage so we can be perceived how we want without being inauthentic, why body language can't be read and he explains how we can SCAN someone to interpret their body language. An extremely interesting listen.

Find out more about Mark, his company and what he does here. You can purchase Marks books via this link.

Happy listening.

“Stop reading body language, start leading it” – Mark Bowden

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