Interview with Career Management Coach, Susan Peppercorn

Interview with Career Management Coach, Susan Peppercorn

Episode 008 – I have had many different jobs since leaving university, and I didn't enjoy either of them. I simply treated them as a way to have money, not make money. My heart was always in presenting and speaking and those were the only roles that have ever given me satisfaction, joy and fulfilment. I believe that we all need to live our dreams and have the career or business we love! Sometimes, however, we feel stuck and unsure of how to move into the role we want, how to climb up the career ladder or change careers and do what we really love to do!

In this episode, Susan shares her advice on what to do if you're seeking a new career, want to climb up the career ladder or if you're feeling stuck and not sure what to do next. This episode is ideal for those looking to make a change in their career – no matter what that change is.

Susan is an executive transition coach who has a passion for helping individuals thrive in their career. The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Harvard Business Review are some of the publications that have tapped her for career advice.

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