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Interview with Anne Rainbow

I've always wanted to write a book, and one, hopefully near, day I will. When I met Anne, I thought she'd make a great interviewee because so many people are in my shoes - they hope to write a book one day.  This interview is all about that – how to start writing and Anne …

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A-Z Of Public Speaking part 1

Episode 005 In today's episode, I share the A-C of the A-Z of Public Speaking. As you know Public Speaking is one of my most favourite topics ever and something I enjoy everything about! It's no wonder I had fun coming up with a word starting with every letter of the alphabet to do with …

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Interview With Politician Nick De Bois

Episode 004 This interview was so much fun! Nick not only gives some incredible public speaking tips, but his energy and passion are super contagious. Nick goes far and beyond with his stories, experience and helpful advice for people hoping to take up Public Speaking as part of their career, business and even in their …

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Eight reasons why Public Speaking is good for you

Episode 003 I'm a firm believer that Public Speaking is good for us - good for our business, for our lives, self-development - even our health. In a time where video is a huge part of the internet and presentations a predominant part of business, its important to master this skill and allow it to …

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Interview with HRH Princess of Luxembourg, Tessy Antony

Episode 002 I've met a lot of people during my time as a speaker, TV Presenter and Reporter. Meeting Tessy was by far one of my most memorable moments - one I will never forget. Her energy, her enthusiasm and her grace is contagious. She lit up the entire building when she walked in and …

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