Eight reasons why Public Speaking is actually good for you and your health – by Hanieh Vidmar

02 January

Eight reasons why Public Speaking is actually good for you and your health – by Hanieh Vidmar

When we’re feeling a little under the weather or need a vitamin boost, some of us head for supplements and natural remedies to give us that little pick-me-up. I like to look at public speaking as a natural pick-me-up that can do wonders for so many parts of our lives. 

Please allow me to share eight reasons as to why public speaking
is actually good for you!

1. Yes, public speaking is known as the worlds number one fear. This is understandable as all eyes are on you, you're the only person standing and talking and a group of people are taking in every word you say and everything you do. Or equally, aren't taking in anything you and aren't interested in your presentation which is scary too. However, if we put public speaking fear to one side for a moment – delivering a presentation can be enjoyable – really! If you plan ahead and prepare yourself for the task, you can actually make your presentation fun and funny and you can enjoy the entire process. Many people with glossophobia have looked back and thought ‘that was actually quite fun’ and then went on deliver more, improved presentations.

2. When you implement presentations into your life, doors to new and various opportunities can open for you – ones that you couldn’t attain otherwise. You never know who is in the audience listening to you and imagine if they approached you with some new opportunity that you simply couldn’t turn down.

3. My most favourite reason as to why public speaking is good for you is this: the level and type of confidence that you gain from delivering a presentation is unique. You feel really proud of yourself and suddenly you feel ready to take on more challenging tasks as well as more presentations.

4. You can become the go-to person to deliver more presentations. In some of my previous roles and at university, I always put myself forward to deliver presentations and sometimes I was nominated to do so and it’s a great feeling. The more you present the better you become and the better you feel. It’s a great thing to be known for – you’re seen as a confident person. A wonderful circle of achievement.

5. When you’re standing on stage, you’re powerful and who doesn’t love a bit of power every now and then? You are in control of your presentation, of what’s said and when and what you want to deliver. You call the shots and this is a great feeling. 

6. This one is also a favourite of mine and it’s linked very tightly to number 3 – the buzz you get immediately after you get off stage is incredible! It's a sudden rush of dopamine -(dopamine is responsible for transmitting signals in between the nerve cells of the brain and these nerve cells become activated when something good happens). For some it’s a mix of relief and ‘wow, I did it’! For others it might be just relief whilst for the rest it’s ‘wow, I did it!’ When I used to finish my segment on live TV, I felt this gust of achievement and wow and I was ready for my next TV appearance. It’s a wonderful feeling and one I highly recommend we seek more of.

Hanieh Vidmar

7. Delivering presentations is an opportunity to connect with people. This is useful for so many different skills – building rapport, ability to network better, building credibility and visibility. The ability to connect with people and your audience is a huge part of your presentation and it’s one  skill we should really work on achieving.

8. If you have a fear of public speaking, the thought of it can fill you with dread. However – if we face our fear and work on our presentation skills by utilising various techniques to help us, we can actually turn that dread into excitement the more we deliver presentations. When I have a presentation coming up, I am not only excited to get on stage but I am also excited to prepare my presentation and work on the content. I focus on how I can get the most out of this presentation. Don’t get my wrong – sometimes, I’m nervous right before I present but that lasts about 7 seconds – because the moment I’m on stage and say my very first word – I then turn those nerves into excitement and focus.

Hanieh Vidmar interviewing Ami James

So, there you have it – eight reasons as to why delivering presentations is actually good for you! If fear is an issue, face it and work on it – it can do wondrous things for your achievements, career and self-development. 

Hanieh Vidmar 2018

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  1. Paula Gardner

    I have to say that as a mother with three children on the cusp of adulthood, i also feel that I am being a good role model and showing them that it is a skill really worth learning, and not actually that scary once you start doing it.

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