Hello, I’m Hanieh.


I delivered my very first presentation when I was seven and I’ve been in love with public speaking ever since.


Between then and now, I’ve presented on live TV, pitched on behalf of other companies and won numerous contracts, interviewed many different celebrities including Frank Bruno and Quentin Tarantino, designed and hosted a workshop for serial entrepreneur, Alexander Amosu, hosted my own workshops and helped people go from crying on stage to flying on stage, won various awards for my business and presenting amongst many other things.


But this isn’t about me, it’s now about  you.


I thoroughly believe in the power of presentations – it can do so much for you personally and for your business.


Although I was just seven when I gave my first presentation, I realise now that I was already using techniques that I still employ today. For me, public speaking came naturally.


I understand though that, for most people, speaking in front of an audience is an intimidating experience. Others lack know-how and many just need to improve. Whatever your reservations or issues with public speaking, I can and want to help.


It is now my mission to help other people develop the skills and confidence they need to become outstanding public speakers.


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